Foundation for the Promotion of Vocational Training and Small Industry

MEKSA is a public benefit foundation for supporting vocational training and small industry. Since its founding in 1985 MEKSA tries to implement a concept of vocational education and training close to the practice and oriented by the labour market in Turkey. The aim is to achieve a connection between VET and employment.

For this purpose MEKSA sets up training centres where initial and further training programmes run. As such a work requires the participation and engagement of all relevant institutions concerned in vocational education and employment they are partners of the Foundation and represented in the Board of Management. These are:

1. TESK, Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen

2. TOBB, Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

3. TISK, Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations

4. TÜRK-İŞ, Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions

5. MEB, Ministry of National Education

6. İSKUR, Turkish Employment Agency

7. KOSGEB, SME Development Organisation

8. HALKBANK, State owned bank for SMEs

9. TESKOMB, Union of Credit Guarantee Cooperatives of Turkey

10. BGZ, Berlin International Cooperation Agency

MEKSA has 22 training centres in 13 provinces of Turkey. Vocational training is being given in over 20 skills. Originally they started up as projects funded by Germany (BMZ, GTZ, BGZ, BMA, DSE, Mannesmann, Ruhrkohle, Bayer, Thyssen), Switzerland (DEZA, SRK) and by EU, ILO, UNDP, WB etc. In the course of time local funds joined and sustainable institutions grew up out of those projects.

For the promotion of SMEs MEKSA founded in 1991 the first and still the only credit guarantee fund company of Turkey with a start up capital donated by GTZ and in cooperation with TESK, TOBB, KOSGEB, HALKBANK and TOSYÖV. The CGF supports SMEs by a guaranty amount up to 400.000 Euro.

As an instrument to support SMEs MEKSA founded in 1993 the FORUM Fairs Company as well which accompanies the SMEs through the fairs all over the world.

In about 20 years MEKSA provided nearly 50.000 children, young people, and adults including special groups like women, street children, handicapped people and ex-convicts, initial and further training. Meanwhile it managed project funds of nearly 50 million Euros. The employment rate of the trainees runs up to 80-90 %.